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Our story originates from a passion for Laos and its people. We began offering ways to discover a unique picture of the country, the varied ethnic groups and its magnificent countryside, by creating tailor-made itineraries for our clients, removed from the well-trodden tourist trails.
Asia Safari Travel now gives you the chance to explore SE Asia, enjoy the different culture of each country and meet the many and varied people of the region, in any number of exceptional ways.
As a result of this approach, you will benefit from a unique perspective and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Authentic & personalized itineraries

We have scoured the preserved landscapes and regions of SE Asia, in time with the rhythm of the River Mekong (the "Mother of Waters"), that is to say that we took our time, ensuring no stone was left unturned, to create itinerary options that give a unique and extraordinary experience. It's almost impossible not to fall under the spell of the charming people of SE Asia; their kindness, permanent smile and warm welcome.

All our clients are unique

Each of our clients benefit from a personalised service and we are mindful of the need and wishes of each individual. The proposed routes are hand chosen and we spend the time needed to develop programmes that ensure each trip is unique and tailored to each client. We pursue a single goal - everyone leaves with unforgettable memories of this beautiful region. We select the best hotels and restaurants which means you are free to choose from a wide selection of charming places to stay that provide high levels of service and that all important "personal touch".

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