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Picture Adventures in the North

A 13 days / 12 nights itinerary



The landlocked country of Laos offers an unspoilt, natural richness with a large part of the country covered in forests, jungles and mountains; some of which are still home to wild animals. The importance of this natural heritage is reflected in the existence of 20 National Protected Areas that are also home to a mosaic of ethnic groups. The different groups follow their respective traditions and customs and share a respect for their natural surroundings. The adaptability of these groups in using and nurturing the natural resources all around them is a far cry from the consumerism of the western world. This holiday is a great opportunity to experience a more basic, but no less enjoyable way of life.


How to

Vientiane airport is conveniently connected with daily flights several times per day - from Bangkok & Hanoi. Connections with Singapore, Kunming & Kuala Lumpur exist as well.
Luang Prabang offers connections with Bangkok, Hanoi and Siem Reap.


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