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Do you know Laos?

After decades of being hidden away, Laos has gradually opened its borders and foreign visitors can discover a fascinating country which seems to ignore the rapid globalization taking place around it.

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Amazing Vietnam

From the Mekong Delta in the south with its floating villages and markets, to the ethnic minorities in the north, this country has  something for everyone.

Rivers Thailand

Magic Thailand

Thailand, a nice mixture of Buddhist temples, natural reserves, exotic wildlife, beaches and a modern capital.

Vietnam Riz

Incredible Cambodia

Despite its recent history, Cambodia has developed into an incredible holiday destination in SE Asia. The combination of culture, heritage and beaches offer a fantastic choice to all visitors


Laos Country Picture Laos Alms Giving

Laos, once known as "the country of a million elephants”, is undoubtedly the most mysterious country of South-East Asia.Read more

Country Picture Thailand Wat Phra Dhammakaya

Known as the “The Land of Smiles”, the Kingdom of Thailand has a fascinating history and unique culture. Read more

Country Picture Home Halong Bay

Vietnam counts as one of the most robust economies in the developing world and its people are famous for their tenacity and ambition.
Read more

Cambodge Country Picture Siem Reap 1

The terrible Khmer Rouge Regime ended in 1978 and since then Cambodia has developed into a country with a lot to offer all who visit.
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